February 2018

New waterjet cutting machine for pastry Watercut XS

In the last Europain fair that has just taken place in Paris we have presented our new Watercut XS water jet cake slicer. At this moment it is the most advanced machine on the market, combining a supercompact size with superior performance to any other machine. Its main features are:

Approximate measurements: 145 cm wide, 80 cm deep, to pass through narrow doors

Cutting area: 60 x 40 cm

Access to usual maintenance (high pressure) from the front

Option:  NSF certification (in process)

High precision and speed: 4 working modes, from static tray for small pieces in fine chocolate, to a high speed "FAST" mode.

Waterproof doors with hygienic closure

19-inch screen, installable on the wall, on the back of the machine or on the side of the machine

Track progress of the cut on the same screen

Generation of programs and scaling of programs on the screen of the machine, including advanced nesting with different forms in the same program




If you’re interested in the Watercut services, don’t hesitate to contact us. Send us an e-mail and your telephone and we will answer you as soon as we can

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