June 2018

Pamplona, 8th of June, 2018

The SciencEkaitza show, organized by ADItech technological corporation, rewards Metronics Technologies in the field of new patent creations. We are very proud of receiving this aknowledgment to our constant labour in research and development, that we perform every day in our small offices. It is a truly boost for us that helps us to keep on working hard and brings us new energies for our future projects. 


Entrega de premio


Foto premiados


Camilo, Fran y Benito posan orgullosos con el premio


Thank you all for your support! 

Metronics team.

February 2018

Presentation of the new model of waterjet cutting machine for pastry Watercut XS

Click on the title to learn more


January 2018

After more than five years of development our first HPP vessel for the food industry has successfully passed the last step of the CE certification process, which in this case is a pressure test witnessed by an external inspector. Click here to read more. R

December 2017

Taking advantage of the proximity of this new year 2018, we have made a complete redesign of our website with the aim of offering a practical and useful space. We apologize for the errors and inconsistencies that it has at this moment, we are going to make an effort so that it is 100% ready as soon as possible.


If you’re interested in the Watercut services, don’t hesitate to contact us. Send us an e-mail and your telephone and we will answer you as soon as we can

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